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Stephen Youngs Watch

Stephen Youngs Watch

This watch belonged to Stephen Young, his name replaces numerals on the dial.  On 20th March 1809 Lieutenants, Robert Wright and Stephen Young fought a duel at Chubb’s Spring in which Lieutenant Young died. Bowman, a spectator, provided the following account “They took distance 20 yards upon which they both turned around and presenting their pistols appeared to take an aim for several seconds. At last, Robert Wright fired his pistol and he instantly saw Young fall, and as he fell, his pistol went off, but apparently, the trigger was pulled by an involuntary convulsion of the hand on his being shot, and the ball struck the ground not far from his feet. At this moment, Bowman got up with Young and supporting him on his knee he expired after breathing hard 2 or 3 times and never uttered a syllable. At this time, Wright advancing to Young with an unfeeling air and deliberate pace and apparently not at all shocked at what he had done, said, “Young speak – are you dying?”. Receiving no answer continued, “Young – you must die. You ought to have known me better”.

The cause of the duel. Lieut. Young had promised to do the duty of the Orderly officer in place of Lieut Wright but failed to turn up.

Robert Wright was found Not Guilty of wilful murder.

Weight and Measures

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