Mining Memory - St Helena
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Mining Memory film screening on St Helena

Mining Memory - St Helena
Mining Memory – St Helena

Professor Dan Yon has produced another masterpiece which is another great Documentary film “Mining Memory: Legacies of St Helena in the Northern Cape” the must see film will be screen on Thursday evening 21st June 2018 at the Consulate Hotel,

Tickets are on now on sale at the Museum of St Helena and The Consulate Hotel priced at £1.50 per person but this screening has limited availability.  The screening will start at 8 pm but guests are asked to arrive by at least  7 pm,   The film which was set in and shot in Concordia in the Northern Cape was also screen at the premiered at the Encounters Film Festival in South Africa just over two weeks ago. you can read more detail about the film here in a blog post publish last month.

Dan looks forward to seeing you all at the screening, more details on the film and how to purchase will be available soon


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