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Mining Memory - St Helena

Professor Dan Yon has produced another masterpiece which is another great Documentary film "Mining Memory: Legacies of St Helena in the Northern Cape" the must see film will be screen on Thursday evening 21st June 2018 at the Consulate Hotel, Tickets are on now on sale at the Museum of St Helena and The Consulate Hotel priced at £1.50 per person but this screening has limited availability.  The screening will start at 8 pm but guests are asked to arrive by at least  7 pm,   The film which was se [...]

Cargo at the_Wharf

Up until early 2017 St, Helena was only commercially reachable by sea. All produce and goods for the Island arrived by sea cargo. Handling of cargo from ship to shore has changed over the years. The RMS St Helena which has been the main source and supplier of sea cargo for the last 27 years to St Helena is about to complete its final voyage to St Helena (February 2018) to deliver its last cargo consignment to the Island. This photo which can be found at the St Helena Museum shows the manually ha [...]

A Bitter Draft

A Bitter Draft, St Helena and the Abolition of Slavery, 1792-1840 by Colin Fox was published on 21st October 2017.  Copies are currently on their way to us and should be available in the Museum shop from 21st November. A Bitter Draught tells the story of the abolition of slavery on St Helena, which was ruled for many years by the English East India Company. Slaves had been brought to the island from the time of its first settlement in 1659. In the late 18th century liberal-minded directors of th [...]