the Heritage society

St Helena Museum front room

A Society for St Helena’s Heritage was proposed by Governor Guy in November 1979 and inaugurated shortly afterwards with the primary objective to awaken public interest and appreciation in the geography, history, natural history, architecture and culture of St Helena

In order to achieve this the society has successfully created and operated two Museums of St Helena, the first at Broadway House, now the location of the St Helena National Trust and the second and current Museum is located in the Old Power House building just off the Grand Parade next to Jacob’s Ladder.

The St Helena Heritage Society also works with the St Helena Government, providing advice on planning applications, conducting archaeological surveys when required and helping with information and research. The Heritage Society conducts its own research, conservation, restorations, and assists wherever required, members of the public in their own heritage endeavors.

Looking to the future the society will aim to continue growing and provide more heritage-related activities such as guided walks and tours as well as literature on the island’s heritage. We aim to provide a top heritage experience for St Helenians and tourists alike as the island moves forward with the opening of the St Helena Airport.